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Timothy Findley
"From Edgar Award-winning novelist Timothy Findley comes a thrilling epic of our dangerous times. Headhunter is a classic adventure story of two dueling psychiatrists and the civilized horrors that surround them. It is told in a master storyteller's unique style - foreboding, wrenching, ironic, and humorous. This psychological thriller has already soared to the top of Canadian best-seller lists and promises to be of equal significance and value to its American readers."--BOOK JACKET. "It all starts when Lilah Kemp, a one-time librarian and sometime spiritualist, inadvertently lets Kurtz out of page 92 of Heart of Darkness and cannot force him back in. Lilah frantically begins her search for a Marlow to counter this literary villain. But who will believe her? Especially alter she discovers that the pale, thin man with the dyed hair is Dr. Rupert Kurtz, the Parkin Institute's supremely powerful Psychiatrist-in-Chief?"--BOOK JACKET. "Even as Lilah finds her Dr. Marlow, a sickening pall is falling over the city - a new and horrifying disease called sturnusemia. Birds, allegedly its carrier, are being gassed by municipal death squads. Only one lone civil servant - called Smith-Jones in Kurtz's file - has voiced his suspicions about the new plague. But he seems to have disappeared."--BOOK JACKET. "Dr. Marlow discovers how - in the boardrooms and bedrooms of the city - the rogue spirit of Dr. Kurtz wields an unsuspected influence over the powerful and the rich: the celebrated Wylie sisters, each held in thrall by her own demon; the surgeon's wife, Emma, whose legendary beauty is a testament to her husband's skill with a scalpel - and who falls in love with the mysterious James Gatz; John Dai Bowen, the society photographer who traffics in living pornography for the secretive Club of Men; and Austin Purvis, the psychiatrist whose roster of wealthy and influential patients is being raided by Kurtz himself."--BOOK JACKET. "And then there are the children - the growing number of mute, severely traumatized teenagers. What is it they cannot bear to remember? What can they never forget? Why does one boy react so violently when he sees Kurtz?"--BOOK JACKET. "Headhunter is a gripping, fantastical novel that tells of the power we give to the medicine men who make up our minds - and of how, like Lilah Kemp, we can try to win back our freedom. It is the master work of a gifted veteran writer."--BOOK JACKET
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Findley, Timothy
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  • Psychiatrists
  • Toronto (Ont.)
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Headhunter, Timothy Findley
25 cm.
1st U.S. ed.
440 p.
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  • OCM29667699
  • CARL029667699
Headhunter, Timothy Findley
25 cm.
1st U.S. ed.
440 p.
Isbn Type
System control number
  • OCM29667699
  • CARL029667699

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